Hampton Court Palace

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Keep clam and put your crown on!

We may not all own a crown, but we can definitely go visit a palace, to see and learn about how the royal lives in the olden days.

West Gate

Hampton Court Palace is a royal palace in Richmond upon Thames, and is about 19 kilometers South West from Central London. It was built as a private estate, and was then dedicated to King Henry 8th in 1525. As the palace was built and rebuilt during two different time period, it left the palace in two distinct contrasting architectural styles – Tudor and Baroque.

The Palace is open to the public now a days, and is one of the many tourists spots in London. The Hampton Court Palace seems less luxurious then the famous Buckingham Palace, but have a more royal touch compared to the Kensington Palace. As this Palace is situated outside of the London city, it is usually less crowded, which makes it a nice place if you prefer some quietness.

Fountain Court

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Let me introduce you to “Sally Lunn” from BATH

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When we talk about Bath in the UK, the first thing that comes across our mind is usually the Roman Bath or the famous Pulteney Bridge. But, Bath is not only famous for that, it is also the birth place of “Sally Lun”.

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The famous Pulteney Bridge of Bath
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The Roman Spa Bath

Do you know Sally Lun?

Coming from a non-English speaking background, when I first heard the term “Sally Lunn”, I thought it was a person’s name. It was only after some explanation done by my British friend then did I realized it’s a name of a type of bun.

A Sally Lunn is a large bun made with a yeast dough, and could be enjoyed with either sweet or savoury accompaniments. The bun has a similar taste and texture to the brioche breads of France, and is first recorded in 1780 in the spa town of Bath in southwest England.


When I was visiting Bath in my last visit to the UK, I finally had a chance to visit the famous “Sally Lunn’s” tea house. It’s extremely crowded on weekends and during lunch hours, so I would strongly recommend you to go either on a weekday, or around 11 to avoid the lunch crowd.

The tea house itself is one of the oldest houses in Bath, and is in the center of the wonderful city of Bath. It’s about a 5-10 mins walk from the Roman bath.

Sally Lunn 2 Course High Tea – £12.38 – A round of Sally Lunn Bun topped with finest Scottish Salmon followed by the world famous Sally Lunn Cream Tea
The World Famous Sally Lunn Cream Tea – £7.48 – Half a toasted & buttered Sally Lunn BUn served with the best Straberry Jam and clotted cream

PS. The bun is actually quite big, so be sure you don’t order too much!!

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