Hand made udon covered in snow? Yummy curry soup udon!


“Udon know how much you mean to me”

Udon, a long loved traditional dish of the Japanese culture. For those who don’t know what is udon, it is thick noodle made out of wheat flour, and could be eaten hot or cold, dried or with soup. The udon itself doesn’t really have much flavour, it often depends on the condiments and/or soup it is served with.

Just like spaghetti, fresh udon tastes so much better than those readily made one. The texture of the fresh udon are much more chewy, and doesn’t become soggy even after soaked in the soup for a long time.

There are quite a lot of restaurants that serve freshly made udon in Tokyo, but at Shodai (初代), it’s the soup that makes it so special! They are most famous for their “white creamy mashed potato curry soup udon”. Yes, Japanse drinks curry soup!! Curry soup is a more watery version of our conventional curry, and usually it is less salty.

Famous curry udon with white fluffy potato espuma cream

img_3657-copyAlthough there’s no chunk of meat in the udon, but because the curry is cooked with vegetables and meat, the flavour is very rich. Together with the extremely creamy mashed potato foam on the top, this bowl makes it to one of the must try in Tokyo!

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