A Cafe + Florist in the hippest area of Tokyo


“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a live”

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STOP! It’s time to think what’s really worth it in life

I didn’t really had a life in the last 2 weeks since I had been really tied up with work… Two back to back business trips and tight deadlines for various projects, stressed!! So yesterday I told myself, I must take a break before I collapse, and since I’m in Tokyo this week, I shall use this chance to explore the quieter side of this metropolitan city.

A short 15 minutes walk from the busy Shibuya area, I’ve arrived the Omotesando area. For those who don’t know Omotesando area well, it is one of the trendiest and hippest place in Tokyo, with all the high end luxury boutiques in the area. It is also well known for hidden cafes and restaurants.

Exterior view of Nicolai Bergmann Nomu Cafe

While I was wandering around the Omotesando area, I came across this florist + cafe place, which is very nice and cool! It’s called the NOMU cafe, which is part of this famous florist Nicolai Bergmann in Tokyo. Just imagine enjoying a cup of nice coffee surrounded by the lovely aroma of flowers… hmm.. that’s exactly how this place is.


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