Let’s Exercise in Tokyo – Indoor Batting Center

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“Every single strike brings me closer to the next home run!!”

I’ve never played baseball in my life, but believe it or not, one of my must-do  when I’m in Tokyo Japan is actually to go hit some ball! Even though I know nothing about baseball, but it’s actually a very fun activity just swinging your bat and hit the ball (or miss most of the time like me).

Now, you may ask, where on Earth am I gonna find someone who’s gonna pitch, or where are you gonna find the bats? Don’t you worry, we are in Tokyo!! Nothing is impossible here! In Japan, they have something called the “batting cage”. It’s like a golf driving range, except it’s with baseball. All you need to bring is money, and yourself, then you are good to go!

My favourite one to go to is the “Shinjuku Batting Cage” right in the center of Kabuki-cho of Shinjuku. The place is hidden in the little alley behind the Toho cinema at Kabuki-cho, so you may not have seen it around.

Japan Tokyo Shinjuku Baseball Batting Cage 02
Exterior of the batting center
Japan Tokyo Shinjuku Baseball Batting Cage 01
How it looks like inside (Credit: Photo from internet)

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