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The sun is out, the water’s crisp and you’re hungry. What to go for?


You can’t go wrong with Fish’n’Chip!! The whole of Australia is basically surrounded by the ocean, thus we have some of the best and freshest seafood in the world. That means,  you’re almost guaranteed fresh fish, served with salt and lemon, wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper or white wrapping. Yummmmmmmm!!

There are fish’n’chips stores in every single shopping malls, but usually the best ones are near the sea by the shore. “A waterfront pavilion gets the moonlight first” – they do get the freshest seafood first hand, so it all makes sense.

Each time when I go back to Brisbane to visit my family, there is this one fish’n’chips shop that I cannot miss! It’s called the Morgan’s Seafood  at Redcliffe, and is right next to the Moreton Bay Boat Club. Not only will you get the freshest locally caught Queensland seafood direct off the trawlers or straight from the fishermen, you are also going to be enjoying your food with the stunning view of Scarborough Boat Harbour dotted with luxury yachts, and the Glasshouse mountains! To top this off, the Thurecht Park is right across the road, you could even throw a Barbie party there!!

Morgan’s Seafood
View from the seating area, stunning!

In Australia, most of the fish’n’chips shops have a large display cabinet showing the different types of fish/seafood they have for the day. So sometimes it kills my brain cells when I have to try to memorize the orders for the whole family!! Not only will i need to remember the different type of fish/seafood they want, I also have to remember the way they want it to be cooked (battered/crumbed/grilled)… Usually I will forget one thing or two at the end, ooh well. (Hint: usually they have pen and paper at the counter you could use to write down your order)

One of reason why I must visit the Morgan’s is because they have a food that not many other fish’n’chips shop offer. I’m sure most of you have tasted Deep Fried Calamari Rings, but have you ever had Deep Fried Cuttlefish? The Deep Fried Cuttlefish here is so fresh, and has a bit more texture than the ordinary calamari rings. It is my absolute favorite of all time in the Fish’n’Chips category 🙂 The oysters and cooked seafood here are quite nice too and reasonable priced, so why not give it a try also?

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