Around the world in a day!? POSSIBLE!!

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Imaging you can see and taste the world in a day… or even in just a matter of a few hours!

The title of this blog sounds a bit cheesy right? Well, I gotta admit it was exaggerated a bit to grab your attention, but it’s not a false statement, you could really see and taste the world within just a few hours here in Milan!

Towards the end of each year, there is an International art and food fair that is held in Milan – the “L’Artigiano in Fiera”. It is a world trade fair with artisans products and food from all around the world. Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Iran, Turkey, USA, Australia, China, Africa …. just to name a few!

The fair is held at the exhibition center at Fieramilano Rho-Pero, just a 30 minutes metro ride from Milan city center, and it runs from 3rd to 11th December this year. Opening time is from 10:00am to 10:30pm daily during the period, and it is free to enter. The fair is spread into 9 different exhibition halls, with over 3000 artisan companies from over 100 countries participating.

Overall Atmosphere:

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The crowd in the morning

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Smurf’s Exhibition

“I smurf you 🙂 “

IMG_1340 (2)

I’m sure The Smurfs brings back lots of childhood memories to people across many generations! The first appearance of the Smurfs was back in 1958, and ever since then, The Smurfs made appearances in many countries thru different mediums, such as magazines, TVs, and even on the cinema screens!

We’re all Smurfs! This summer, led by Papa Smurf, Smurfs will embark on an Asian Art Tour to convey their beliefs in harmony without boundaries. Their first port of call will be Harbour City in Hong Kong! From 13 July to 21 August 2016, the Ocean Terminal Forecourt of Harbour City will become an enormous “We’re All Smurfs!” village with a debut exhibition featuring 36 precious original works of the Belgian comic Peyo.

“We’re All Smurfs!” Village
IMG_1347 (2)
“The Smurfs House of Story”

“I’m a bad drawer, which lets me come up with very simple designs.” – PEYO

IMG_1337 (2)

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