Reliable Florist in HK – A Better Florist – Perfect of Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up guys, have you got your special mom a present yet? Give you a hint, most ladies like flowers, and even if you don’t live close with your mom, even if you are living in different cities, different countries, sending flowers can now be done so easily!

One of the best florists in Hong Kong is A Better Florist, and if you haven’t yet heard of the best flower delivery just yet, it’s about time to jump on the bandwagon with the rest of us who are thrilled with their service. Ever since they have become the best Singapore flower delivery, they have expanded and now they offer an incredible Hong Kong flower delivery and are known as the best florist in Hong Kong. Besides expanding to Hong Kong, they also have a Malaysia flower delivery as of fairly recently, and a flower delivery Dubai loves.

Abetterflorist best florist hong kong singapore malaysia dubai

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Smurf’s Exhibition

“I smurf you 🙂 “

IMG_1340 (2)

I’m sure The Smurfs brings back lots of childhood memories to people across many generations! The first appearance of the Smurfs was back in 1958, and ever since then, The Smurfs made appearances in many countries thru different mediums, such as magazines, TVs, and even on the cinema screens!

We’re all Smurfs! This summer, led by Papa Smurf, Smurfs will embark on an Asian Art Tour to convey their beliefs in harmony without boundaries. Their first port of call will be Harbour City in Hong Kong! From 13 July to 21 August 2016, the Ocean Terminal Forecourt of Harbour City will become an enormous “We’re All Smurfs!” village with a debut exhibition featuring 36 precious original works of the Belgian comic Peyo.

“We’re All Smurfs!” Village
IMG_1347 (2)
“The Smurfs House of Story”

“I’m a bad drawer, which lets me come up with very simple designs.” – PEYO

IMG_1337 (2)

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An Afternoon Tea Set you simply cannot miss in Hong Kong

Bucket List Must Eat Hong Kong Atum Cafe

“Come, let us have some tea and talk about happy things”


So yesterday, after a tough session at the gym, my friend and I decided to pamper ourselves with a fancy afternoon tea at the ATUM Restaurant. (Alright, let’s be honest here, we didn’t work that hard at the gym, and we have pre-booked this place before we decided to go to the gym, excuses excuses)

ATUM Restaurant is the second spot opened by the group, with their first one being a huge success!! A little bit different to their first spot which is called ATUM Desserant (you could probably guess by the  name, it’s a place for dessert, yay!! You would be able to google a lot of pages about this place if you are interested to know more), this new restaurant serves both sweets and savory.

The restaurant is a bit hidden inside the K11 mall in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong. You need to navigate your way thru all the little boutiques before you reach the entrance. The interior of the space resembles a bit of an art gallery, very simple, with some decorative elements.Again, it’s using my favourite elements of bare concrete and wood – simple, clean, and chic!


Seating Area is quite spacious, with lots of natural lightings

Instead of serving the afternoon tea set on traditional tied cake stand, they serve them on a flat long plate here, which makes it very different to the other places. The way they present the food on the plate makes it like an art piece here.

The tea set comes with any teas or coffees, and a salad. We ordered a 65% hot chocolate, and an organic berry tea today. All the food are in bite size, which is a great idea for no mess dining.


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Award Winning Barista – Small Cafe in TST Hong Kong

Bucket List Must Eat Hong Kong Cafe N1

It’s another lazy Saturday afternoon, and I need a coffee!

If there’s one drink on this planet that I cannot live without, I think it’d be coffee.

“I only need coffee on days ending with Y”

I’m not an expert about coffee, so I won’t be able to throw at you all the expert terms like the acidity, the body, the origin of coffee and so on… For me, a coffee is a drink that wakes me up, gives me the energy to last for the day, and tastes pleasant!

Coffee makes me happy

For me personally, I really enjoy drinking a cup of coffee at a nice chilled cafe with a touch of their own identity. Instead of coffee chains, I like individual cafes more. They usually have their own decoration, their own feel, and very importantly, the coffee usually tastes better!

There are so many nice chill cafes when I used to work in Sheung Wan, such as Coco Espresso, Brew Bros, Elephant Grounds and so on… However, when my office moved to Tsim Sha Tsui East, it was a bit difficult to find some nice cafes with good coffee. Well, this was the case until I discovered “N1 Coffee & Co”!

Entrance of N1 & Co

This place is a little cafe on Mody Road, the entrance of it is a bit hidden, so you may not be able to recognise it when you walk past. I love the decoration of this place, it’s got one of my favourite building element – bare concrete!! Inside the cafe, there’s also a Merry-Go-Round horse as a decoration piece, which makes the interior very unique! The identity of the cafe is Mint Green, which gives it a bit of cool refreshed feeling to it. I absolutely love the interior of this cafe!!!


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How about some CHOUX for afternoon tea?

Travel Hong Kong Must Eat Tsim Sha Tsui Owl's Choux 香港必吃Happy Friday 🙂

Friday for me is always a happy day, because the weekend’s coming!! Com’on, who doesn’t like the weekend right?

“Better days are coming, they are called: Saturday and Sunday!!”

Usually during Fridays, my colleagues and I will go out and enjoy a nice relaxed lunch. Since we moved our office from Shueng Wan to Tsim Sha Tsui East, it had been a bit difficult for us to look for nice relaxed boutique cafes and restaurants… Until today we stumbled across a little corner placed called the “Owl’s”. We were attracted by the White and Deep Blue decorative facade, and decided to go in and have a look.

Travel Hong Kong Must Eat Tsim Sha Tsui Owl's Choux 香港必吃Travel Hong Kong Must Eat Tsim Sha Tsui Owl's Choux 香港必吃

The moment you step thru their door, you could already smell the aroma of baking!!

Travel Hong Kong Must Eat Tsim Sha Tsui Owl's Choux 香港必吃
Freshly baked choux, smells sooooo good!

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