The Hidden Tree Top Terrace Cafe with a Breath Taking View in Okinawa



Moving from Hokkaido (the North-est part of Japan), to Okinawa (the South-est part of Japan), I’d like to share with you my recent trip to Okinawa a few weeks back.

A lot of people think of Okinawa as a summer destination, all the beautiful white sandy beaches, blue cave diving, sun bathing and reading a book etc… but a lot of you didn’t know, there are still quite some places and things you can do in Okinawa during winter time! I’d like to show you a few of them in my next few entries.

During my recent trip, I visited this really cute tree house cafe called the Beach Rock Cafe. It’s nestled and hidden in the deep forest of the Nakajin area, indeed it was so hidden that Google, nor the car GPS can take you there. I had to ask around a couple of times for direction before I manager to find this narrow entry leading onto the bumpy mountain road, but, it’s all worth it!


Beach Rock Cafe is actually ran by the Beach Rock Theater Group. This place is their stage where they do performances, as well as providing camping/glamping, different activities, as well as a cafe. As my trip was short, so I did not have time to join their performances nor activities, but I did spend a chilled afternoon relaxing on their tree terrace, browsing at the amazing forest scene.


The menu for the cafe is very simple, you only have one choice of food, which is the Taco Rice. The taste isn’t too bad, but I think most people come here not mainly for the food, but for the view.


The extremely friendly staff with a big big smile

The tree terrace is a great place to just chill and relax, and takes lots of photos!!



For those who are afraid of the height, but still want to enjoy the tranquility of the place, don’t worry, they also have a super cosy sofa lounge area, where you can read some books, enjoy your food, or even play the guitars and sing a song!


There’s also a tree swing next to the tree house, it’s not super high, but it’s a great photo spot which you should not miss!


Unfortunately the Beach Rock Village will only run until the 31st March 2018, the group decided to move to elsewhere to continue on with their work. So, if you are around the area before the end of March, make sure you pay a visit before it’s gone!

Beach Rock Village Official Page

Beach Rock Theater Group


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