Seafood Heaven in Hakodate – Sea Urchin


I can almost say, it is no doubt that seafood taste better in Hokkaido than anywhere else in Japan! During my recent trip to Hakodate, it’s like a seafood fiesta, and sea urchin is one that should not be missed!


Although Japan is not the only place that have sea urchin, other countries such as Canada, Korea also have them, but, the ones in Japan is still the top of the rank! There is a very famous sea urchin restaurant inside the Hakodate Seafood market called Murakami (むらかみ), and is popular amongst both the locals and the tourists. Although you cannot order which sea urchin, but instead, the chef will only serve you the seasonal best at that time.

We went there around 11:30am on a weekday, and there was already a line waiting. We waited for about half an hour before we were seated. The restaurant is quite small, and can only accommodate approximately 30 customers at one time. The lunch menu is also quite simple, ranging from around 1500yen to 5000yen per dish.

We came here for the sea urchin, so we have ordered 3 different menus all having sea urchin in it. The first one is the uni-don (sea urchin on rice), this is the simplest menu, letting you to taste the original sweetness of the sea urchin. The second dish we had was the uni chatsuke (sea urchin rice in tea broth), which is something I’ve never tried before. Taste wasn’t too bad, but I’m not quite used to having the sea urchin semi-hot with the hot broth. The last dish we had was the mix sea urchin congee, and it tasted so good! You can taste the strong aroma and sweetness in the congee, and it’s a great way to warm yourself up in the winter!

If you ever visit Hakodate, and you are a sea urchin fan, I would definitely recommend you to visit this restaurant! Remember to come here a bit earlier to avoid the long queer.

Murakami Website

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