Hidden Pop-up Shack of Luke’s Lobster in Omotesando Tokyo

Travel Japan Tokyo Summer Special Luke's Lobster Popup Omotesando 東京期間限定人氣龍蝦包_01

Travel Japan Tokyo Summer Special Luke's Lobster Popup Omotesando 東京期間限定人氣龍蝦包_01

It’s been a busy summer month, in a blink, it’s already the end of August! Just before we approach the end of summer, I must write and let you all know about this Luke’s Lobster Summer Pop-up Shack in Omotesando area of Tokyo!

Originated from New York City, Luke’s Lobster is now it’s spread across the whole of United States, and opened its first International shack in Tokyo a few years back. If you have been to it’s first location in Omotesando, you would know how crazy the line is. It doesn’t matter at what hours you go, there’s always people lining up for it.

Last time round when I was in Tokyo, I was surprised when I discovered the Summer Pop-up Shack of the brand, and the best part of it, there’s no line! It’s a bit different to the original location, it’s a small corner store where you can sit down and eat (the other one is at an outdoor location for take away only). As it’s a bit hidden, it seems like not many people (even locals!) knows about it.

The menu is different to the other branches here, and it’s much simpler. There’s only three items to choose from – solo size, Luke’s trio Regular, and Luke’s trio US. The solo size is 1/3 of the size of a normal bun, and you can choose between lobster, crab or prawn; for the trio regular, you can 3 flavours at the same time, which makes up to the size of a whole bun; and for those who got a big appetite, then the trio US size is right for you. The cost is not cheap for fast food, but lobster is a luxury food anyways, so the price is actually quite reasonable. For 100yen more, you can choose a soft drink with your bun purchase, or a beer for 500yen. Not bad at all for an afterwork treat!

Travel Japan Tokyo Summer Special Luke's Lobster Popup Omotesando 東京期間限定人氣龍蝦包_01

As the store is quite small, it can only fit around 10 people at the same time, so it’s suggested not to come here in big groups, as you may not be able to get a seat… but, you can also do take away 🙂

The pop-up shack will be here until the end of September, exact end date is TBC. So if you are around Tokyo, why not make a quick visit before it closes.

Luke’s POP-UP Shack Details

Luke’s Lobster Japan

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