Brisbane Power House

Bucket List Must Eat Australia Brisbane Power House Bar Alto 07

Bucket List Must Eat Australia Brisbane Power House Bar Alto

Doesn’t time pass by very fast? We are already half way into 2016!! (And I have achieved nothing from my new year’s resolution list so far lol)

So, back to the topic “Brisbane Power House” – it is Queensland’s home for contemporary culture, often have performances, exhibitions, band gigs etc here! The reason it’s called the Power House is because, well, simply because it’s a power station of the 1920s reborn as an art centre on the Brisbane River.

“There is a big blue sky waiting just behind the clouds”


I remembered when I was still a high school student over 10 years ago, we had a school trip here to see a Japanese Taiko Show here for our Japanese class, and that was the only memory I had of this place. I didn’t really like the place then, because it was kind of in a ghetto area. However, this year in March when I went back to Brisbane, because I had to surprise my parents who’s doing Tai Chi in a park nearby, I had a chance to re-visit this place, and I absolutely fell in love with it!!


The architecture itself just look stunning! The old brick exterior with the very modern industrial interior matches very well, and the location is right by the river, a perfect hang out spot for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Inside the Power House, there’s currently two restaurants. Bar Alto, and Watts. This time I went to Bar Alto because it was on the higher level of the building, and gives a stunning views of the river. (Watts seems very cool too!! On my list to try during my next visit)

Over looking the Brisbane River from Bar Alto
Bar Alto’s Interior

The waitress who served us was very well mannered, and knows the menu & food very well. She answered all our queries, and was also able to give suggestions based on our tastes and preferences. The foods here were also AMAZING! My favourite must have been the steak!! It was cooked just right, the fats and meats are well balanced, and it’s very tender and juicy inside.

“Good Food, Good Mood”



Their main courses were amazing, I would highly recommend the T-bone steak, it was very juicy and tender, with a very rich meat tastes. Their deserts taste great too, and their coffee is spot on!! If you still have space in your stomach after your meal, be sure to try them out!


If you ever visit Brisbane, remember to save some time to spend an afternoon here or so, and explore The Power House, New Farm Park and its neighborhood near by 🙂


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