Hello, and welcome to Kaleidoscope Living
“Kaleidoscope” – a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements
“Living” – the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type

This blog aims to bring you to the different corners of the world, sharing with you what I see from my travels.

The idea of blogging all started because of a bad breakup that I have went thru a little while ago.I was so traumatized that I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and couldn’t go to work. I felt like my world has collapsed, everything seems dull and meaningless, and I find no joy in life. People who went thru depression would understand the helplessness feeling – no hope no colours no nothing…

After some psychologist sessions, and with the support from my friends and families, I was finally able to walk out from the dark, and get back on track with my life. It was not easy for sure, but if you are determined to stand up from where you fall, you will be able to do it!

“Remember to love yourself”


So, during my recovery period, I was encouraged to keep myself busy, by spending time with friends, or learning something new, picking up a new hobby etc. This strategy worked very well for me, the more busy I get, the less I remember the breakup that caused me a lot of pain. (Ok, sometimes I still think about it, but it hurts much less now)

I started to see that there are so much more to my life then this unhealthy relationship I was in. There are so many interesting things around me waiting to be discovered. I started to see colours back in my life, I started to laugh more, I started to realized that my life is worth so much more than what I used to think – I started to love myself 🙂

“If you just keep moving forward, you’ll amaze yourself”


The blog aims to share what I see in my everyday life. It will mainly be around food, lifestyle, and travelling. I hope you will enjoy the content, and stay with me on my journey ahead.

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Someone who's not satisfied with an ordinary 9-5 office job - using every chances there are to go out and explore the world

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